Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar

Dr. Raziq Kakar is keenly interested and involved in the affairs of drylands and indigenous livestock breeds with respect to climate change scenarios. The author had been working with the pastoral people since 2004 while characterizing & documenting and reporting of the livestock breeds and indigenous knowledge, especially related to the camel.

Interview about camel production and pastoralism to the local tv channel of ARY

The author had been delivering pieces of training to the livestock keepers in a far-flung region for sustainable but efficient livestock production and other valuable practices to fetch markets for niche products. I’m the author of the indigenous livestock breeds, livestock production systems and indigenous knowledge of the tribal people in Balochistan province, Cholistan, and the Thar Desert. Dr. Raziq had been traveling with the Afghan nomads (Kochis) to document their livestock genetic resources, indigenous knowledge (treatment and husbandry) and lifestyle of the pastoral people.

Author organized camel scientists and herder in Pakistan and founded Camel Association of Pakistan. He got Ph.D. in camel science and presented many international research presentations at various occasions at the global level. Dr. Abdul Raziq had visited many countries and research stations as an invited scientist and speaker.

While working on the characterization and documentation of the indigenous/local breeds, he found 2 new breeds of camel (Raigi and Kohi), 3 breeds of sheep (Thore guz, Goasli or Kajalle and Kakari) and 2 breeds of goat (Morak and Kohe-Suleimani).cropped-img_2528.jpg

Dr. Raziq precisely compiled a very valuable manuscript covering diverse aspects of dromedary camels. Camel! A One in All Creatures. Very recent development is the advocacy for camel and its headers as ‘Camels4Life’. Al Ain doctor sees potential in camels beyond their milk

30 thoughts on “Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar

  1. Dear Sir,
    My name i Shashank Rana from India,
    Sir i have done Ph.D in Bioinformatics,Now i want to do PDF .
    My topic is camel Lactoferrin in Ph.D .
    Sir pls suggest me some dry lab topic related to camel in whih impliment in my pdf project.
    Some protein related to camel which i choose in my pdf project.

    Sir ,I have choose comparative studies in camel and water buffalo protein.
    Sir Please help me.


    1. Dear Sir
      Its Honor for us that u have done a Great job on the characterization and documentation of the Indigenous/local Breeds.

  2. Dear Sir,

    ,Now i want to do Ph.D when i get chance and i am interested to do on camel
    Sir pls suggest me the University, title and how to apply in related to camel. becuse my work place (SAMARA UNIVERSITY) found in Afar Ethiopia Dry land area.

    Sir Please help me.


    1. Dear Seid,
      You are really have done and doing great work. You are working with the camels in the regions where the camel is the life line of the pastoralists and sedentary people both. Your work is great and you can further study the milk production potential as affected by various factors of the mobile camel herds of Afar region. I know many Afar Friends in Sweden, and a group of people/scientists had been done research on camel in Swedish Agriculture university. You better join their team and proceed your work. I can help as co supervisor as I have done such work; a unique and one of its kind.
      WIhs you a successful future.
      you can email me. you can send me the PDF copy of your post grad thesis on camel.
      best regards

  3. جناب بہت خوشی ہوئی یہ دیکھ کر کہ اس ملک میں بھی ایسا کام ہو رہا ہے- میرا براہ راست تعلق تو اس شعبہ سے نہیں لیکن میں نے ایک پراجیکٹ شروع کیا ہے جس مین دنیا کے مختلف چڑیاگھروں کے جانور و پرندوں کی تصاویر کھینچ کر ان کا اردو تعارف لکھ رہا ہوں-
    لیکن بہت ساری انواع کے نام بس من و عن ترجمہ کر کے لکھتا ہوں کہ باوجود کوشش کے بھی کوئی مستند اردو ناموں کی کتاب یا حوالہ ڈھونڈ نہیں پایا۔
    اللہ آپ کو لمبی زندگی دے اور مزید تحقیق کرنے کی طاقت فراہم کرے

  4. Great work.. i m a public health specialist and working on MERS . I am facing difficulty in sample collection. From which area of Pakistan i can get max no. of samples from camels.could you help me in this regards?I would be deeply thankful to you.

      1. karachi… but i have to collect samples fro all over country specifically the areas where camels mostly found.

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