Make it Possible with the Native Genetic Resources

Adaptation to climate change is only possible with the sustainable use and conservation of native genetic resources along with the attached traditional wisdom

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By Stephen Leahy    Uxbridge — Africa is the main target for “land grabs” by foreign investors, according to a new report on large-scale land acquisitions around the world released Monday. “Africa is the place for cheap land deals and most investors are from Western countries like the U.S. and UK,” said…

See on – Sustainable Livestock Agenda SLA Indigenous communities in Namibia possess a rich indigenous knowledge expressed within many practices of these communities.     56.3% of the respondents reported that indigenous fruits were declining. Only a 42.2% indicated that the indigenous fruits populations are increasing. Regarding to the management practices to improve the […]

A report for the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics Compassion in World Farming, the Soil Association and Sustain Summary Scientists and leading figures are increasingly warning of a serious health crisis in future, where some infectious diseases will no longer be treatable, if we do not urgently start using antibiotics more sparingly and intelligently. Antibiotic […]

See on – Sustainable Livestock Agenda SLA Donkey is very useful, important and precious animal genetic resource for food and agriculture. Donkey plays pivotal role in the livelihood earning of the million people of the world. Donkey is wid… See on

I have big trees and a lot of vegetation at my home. Yesterday, 2 eggs of Catbird felled down from their nest. The nest is made in Zizyphus tree.