Make it Possible with the Native Genetic Resources

Adaptation to climate change is only possible with the sustainable use and conservation of native genetic resources along with the attached traditional wisdom

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See on – Sustainable Livestock Agenda SLA Agriculture originated across a broader swath of southwestern Asia’s Fertile Crescent, and over a longer time period, than many scientists have thought, excavations in western Iran suggest. Between 11,700 and 9,800 years ago, residents of Chogha Golan, a settlement in the foothills of Iran’s Zagros Mountains, went […]

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The correct diagnosis of a plant disease and its cause is not always an easy task. In the first instance symptoms may be ill defined which make their association with any organism problematic (Derrick and Timmer, 2000) and, secondly, plants grow in environments which are notably non-sterile. In particular,…

China, being the largest country with human population has developed its livestock sector efficiency manifolds in last 2 decades. China transformed its production system from a rural based subsistence system to a high in-put and intensive system.  The challenge of malnutrition and hunger was beaten by three prong approaches, i.e. A. Policy Development B. Investment […]

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Don’t believe what you hear from vested interests, rent-a-quote ‘scientists’ and’ bought’ politicians. After nearly 20 years of promises that genetically modified food would revolutionise our world, feed the hungry, boost the yields and therefore the incomes of farmers, and even cure disease, genetically modified crops have never lived up to…