Make it Possible with the Native Genetic Resources

Adaptation to climate change is only possible with the sustainable use and conservation of native genetic resources along with the attached traditional wisdom

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Small scaled family farming plays a multidimensional role, ensure not only livelihood but play a pivotal role in biodiversity conservation. Such farmers judiciously use the weeds and herbs grow along with the crops and use the crop residues as animal feed. Here are some pictures, I shot in my hometown Borai, Loralai which show us […]

Don’t they look how strange the camel is created? It questions in Quraan. Really strange and also special. I think very deeply and so often about the camel. Today, when I shot the below picture, I just noticed that the camel shade is even more beautiful than the camel itself. You please just see once […]

The series of the treeography is continued…The other parts (1 and 2) can be found in the links as Plants that are Liked such as Icecream by the Camels. Part 1, Plants that are Liked such as Icecream by the Camels. Part 2. In this part of the treeography work under the title of the camel icecream […]

The story is hereby released at the eve of the World Camel Day 2018. The author was invited by the newly established Mongolian Camel Milk Company. The group owns their camels in the desert as their half families live there with the precious livestock in the amazing Gobi. I started traveling from Dubai airport (2 […]

Dear friends and colleagues, Greetings from the camels’ world. We, the camel activists celebrate world camel day since last few years. Different groups of the people celebrate this day it in the different parts of the world in different ways. The idea behind celebrating world camel day is to aware the public and the policymakers regarding […]

I think camel twin is very rare and the chance is one in one million. A friend sent me this picture of the twin abortion in the desert. I really wished to see the twins but again not succeeded.