Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar

Dr. Raziq Kakar is keenly interested and involved in the affairs of drylands and indigenous livestock breeds with respect to climate change scenarios. The author had been working with the pastoral people since 2004 while characterizing & documenting and reporting of the livestock breeds and indigenous knowledge, especially related to the camel.

Interview about camel production and pastoralism to the local tv channel of ARY

The author had been delivering pieces of training to the livestock keepers in a far-flung region for sustainable but efficient livestock production and other valuable practices to fetch markets for niche products. I’m the author of the indigenous livestock breeds, livestock production systems and indigenous knowledge of the tribal people in Balochistan province, Cholistan, and the Thar Desert. Dr. Raziq had been traveling with the Afghan nomads (Kochis) to document their livestock genetic resources, indigenous knowledge (treatment and husbandry) and lifestyle of the pastoral people.

Author organized camel scientists and herder in Pakistan and founded Camel Association of Pakistan. He got Ph.D. in camel science and presented many international research presentations on various occasions at the global level. Dr. Abdul Raziq had visited many countries and research stations as an invited scientist and speaker.

While working on the characterization and documentation of the indigenous/local breeds, he found 2 new breeds of camel (Raigi and Kohi), 3 breeds of sheep (Thore Guz, Goasli or Kajalle and Kakari) and 2 breeds of goat (Morak and Kohe-Suleimani).cropped-img_2528.jpg

Dr. Raziq precisely compiled a very valuable manuscript covering diverse aspects of dromedary camels. Camel! A One in All Creatures. Very recent development is the advocacy for camel and its headers as ‘Camels4Life’. Al Ain doctor sees potential in camels beyond their milk

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