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Camel and goats like the salty and spiny species of plants. Such plants are also called ice cream species for camel and goats. Here, I share some special pictures of such species which I shot today during my morning walk. Haloxylon salicornicum (Ramas) In my homeland, this plant is known as Shorie (Pashtu). Beside the animal […]

Not only the climate but the Earth as a whole is Changing Under earth changing context, the water is getting more importance in all aspects. Due to many reasons, the consumption of water is ever increasing and the recharging sources are depleting. High water costs High input/output agriculture is engulfing immense amount of water per […]

A one day workshop was organized by Ngaanyatjarra Camel CompanyIndigenous camel company gets over the hump, Camel Treck Australia, and Agricultural Consulting Company Queensland Australia to find ways for Australian camel export to the GCC Region Gulf Cooperation Council. The details of the program are attached Workshop Program Rafat (1). The theme and the venue of the workshop […]