Kajalle Sheep Breed of Zhob

Habitat: The nucleus of the breed is Wani , Gosa, Babar, Kapip areas of Zhob and Hassankhail area of Musakhail district. Kakar, Khostai, Babar, Sherani, Hassankhail tribes are the custodians of the breed.
They are mall in size, white body coat with the redhead, fine dense wool is the
the salient feature of Kajalle breed.
Population Trend: The population of the Kajalle sheep is almost 200,000 and the trend is increasing.


Natural Health with the Camel Milk

Habitat: The nucleus of the breed is Wani , Gosa, Babar, Kapip areas of Zhob and Hassankhail area of Musakhail district. Kakar, Khostai, Babar, Sherani, Hassankhail tribes are the custodians of the breed.
They are mall in size, white body coat with red head, fine dense wool are the
salient feature of Kajalle breed.
Population Trend: The population of the Kajalle sheep is almost 200,000 and the trend is increasing.

Zhob is home to the true sheep and goat culture
Zhob is a very ancient heritage point and home to the precious and unique livestock breeds. It is the cradle of sheep and goat breeds. Gossali or Kajjale sheep is a very unique sheep genetic resources of the region.

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The Desert Ecotherapy

The deserts are not only beautiful but a place where you can enjoy the vast horizons and the fragrance of the deserts’ flora. The desert after the rains convert into an echoing green sands, rich with diversity of flora and fauna. The whole picture makes the scene very attractive, which works as an ECOTHERAPY.

I hereby share some glimpses from the desert. I’m sure, it will work as a healing agent for your health and thoughts. Lets, enjoy the glimpses and please come with your suggestions and thoughts.

The beautiful red sandy desert of the Alain is unique and special of its kind. I have named the desert as living desert. I hope, you will enjoy and share my articles on your social media pages.

Each side you focus in the desert, the beauty is there. You not need to chose place and things for photography. You just on your camera and start shooting the glimpses. https://camel4all.com/an-amazing-medicinal-plant-tribulus-terrestris/

You can see different kinds of life in the desert. You can find wasp, ants, lizards and different types of plants. The mix of the sunshine, dusk, rays, flowers, camels and others make is a scene of paradise.

Some plants are very specialized and crafted very unique by the nature. Such plants know how to survive in the harsh and hostile ecosystems. They are beautiful and useful as well.

Camel is one of the unique gift of the nature, landed in the desert. Loving camel is engineered in my DNA. I do not know, what the nature has really planned for me and the camel.

The main question is still there, how to harvest the potential of the desert sustainable and humanly. The bush fire, climate change and the planet warming has created serious questions in the minds of the people who really concern.

Let we think the nature as our mother and as our breath

Sandy or Deserted, Richland vs Poorland

The land cover with the sands is sandy, commonly known as desert. But all the sandy soil are not deserted soil. To me, deserted mean the land abused by the factory farming or monocultural farming, full of the residues of the pesticides, weedicides and chemicals.

The monoculture farming is hazardous to the flora and fauna and kill the mother earth natural health.

The sandy soils are commonly known as deserts because of the poor/low annual precipitation. When there is enough precipitation, such sandy lands turn into lush green meadows. Such lands are the reservoirs of the plants and animal genetic resources. The plants of the deserts are very beautiful with attractive flowers. https://camel4all.blog/2019/12/09/beautiful-flowers-and-fruits-of-wild-flora-of-united-arab-emirates/

In thins blog, I have to share some very beautiful pictures which I took yesterday in the evening time. We received some few rains last 3 weeks and now the desert is very beautiful and full of beautiful shrubs and flowers.

The sandy deserts are blessed with very special plants which conserve moisture in their cushions, hairy to divert evaporation moisture and hardy to resist strong sunshine.

We just need to place some inputs like reseeding of native plants, protection from grazing for a certain period and some landscape adjustment, we can turn the sandy desert into a shrubland.

Beautiful Flowers and Fruits of Wild Flora of United Arab Emirates

The desert in the UAE is a living desert, rich with plants and animals. The desert have different species of floras with beautiful flowers and fruits. I hereby share a link of my video channel to see the beauty of the desert.

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Camel Milk is Closest to the Human Milk

The main task of this article is to tell you about the support and endorsement of my statements regarding the camel milk as a natural therapy. Sometimes I copy and paste paragraphs from an article of a friend ‘Philippa Young’ to tell you about the views of the people who are behind the camels’ facts since years. The link of her article is provided below. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/camel-milk-the-biggest-hu_b_773016?test_ad=readmo_test&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly90LmNvL0x2Rlo1ZURjSVk_YW1wPTE&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAADhhp5_3V5uSaUJm2hrcVzIi-lGqwx_WnlvJgeAh1Dm5jb6LbseeKSge-JSChsxxYnMwBo6nefsI3lCOns9xD_V7-ypXcJkF2EE3eJwbXB2ZlTmIhqjJdB9E5Dnm46F-oPu2-rD0oUiIWJmHFf8yY6qRAMrNfTXm0BmCk1HytMny

Camel milk is the closest you can get to a human mother’s milk, with 10 times more iron and three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. It is antibacterial and low in lactose. Used medicinally by nomadic communities for centuries, fermented camel’s milk is still popular in Kazakhstan as a treatment for Tuberculosis and for HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Somalia. Research has been conducted into treating Crohn’s disease, breast cancer and autism, however the most promising studies have been in the field of diabetes. (copy and past from the Philippa article)

The Diabetes Healing Tonic

While almost impossible to make camel milk into cheese, this is good news for diabetes sufferers. Dr. Agrawal of the Bikaner Diabetes Care and Research Centre explains, “We have demonstrated that the consumption of camel milk in type I diabetes results in a significant reduction in the dose of insulin required to maintain long-term glycemic control.” Whilst the 2005 study maintained that insulin therapy is still the best option, in cases of needle phobia or in countries where the cost of treatment demands an alternative, just 500ml of raw fresh camel’s milk daily improves quality of life. This is due to a protein found in camel milk with characteristics similar to insulin that does not coagulate as is the case with cow and goat milk. The camel milk protein passes rapidly through the stomach into the intestines for absorption. https://camel4milk.wordpress.com/category/diabetes/

Camel is Making Space as Non-cow Dairy Animal in the US

Right now in the U.S. the only people who can get hold of the milk ‘a la mode’ are 14 Amish camel dairies and the few parents who have demanded the dromedary juice as a treatment for their autistic child. https://camel4milk.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/camel-journey-from-its-original-habitat-to-modern-world/

“Camel milk is the new oil,” says Director Alicia Sully of The What Took You So Long Foundation (WTYSL), a film crew currently traveling Africa and the Middle East documenting the camel milk industry and campaigning for more research to be undertaken, “Camels don’t produce as much milk as cows, so it’s relatively rare. Camel populations are in decline so sharing knowledge about how valuable its milk is may help save an animal that has supported humans in the desert for thousands of years.”

A wide and diverse appreciation is ever increasing about the role of camel milk as a natural healthy therapy. I suggest you to please read point to point about the camel milk and support my cause with your suggestions and comments.

فکرونه چی خوبونه شی

ځینې خوبونه داسی وی چي پرته له عمومي فکر نه راځی خو زېاتره خوبونه ستا د فکر عکس وی.


براي ما خوب لیدۍ چي بیخی ډیری ځاڼي په سهیلو سهیلو باندی راروانی وي. او بیا په اسمان کښ تَک تور دُوګ را پیدا سی. دا دوګ بیا د جالیانو شکل ومومی او د ځاڼګو شاوخوا را تاوُ سی. بیا دا ځاڼګي سوکه سوکه په جالیو کښ بندیږي اوُ لاندی را لویږي.

زه ور منډه کړم او د یو ځاڼګی د نیولو هڅه کوم. چی یو کس نا ببره را وغورځی او زما له لاسه ځاڼګی و کاږي. زه ډیری زارئ ورته وکړم چی ماته یی راکړه خو هغه زالم یی نه راکوی. زه أخر د روپیو لالچ ورکړم. او بیا هغه پیسی واخلی او ځاڼګی ماته راکړی. ځاڼګی بیخی ډیره ښایسته او اصیله وی او ما سره ډیر ګرانئ کوی. اوس زه بیخی ډیر خوشحاله یم.

هغه سړئ ماته یاي که زه نوری ځاڼی وغواړم نو هغه یی راکولاي سی. زه خوشحاله شم او ورته یایم سی ټولی ځاڼګی ماته راکه نو زه روپئ درکوم. زه غواړم سی ټولی آزادی کړم.

هغه ما ځان سره یو خوني ته بوزی. هلته بیخی ډیری ځاڼګی وی. خو هغه یی ګړدی حلالی کړی او صفا کړی وی. او یو غټه کوټه یی ځینی جوړه کړی وی. زه ډیر زیات حیران او پریشانه سم او په خواشینی کښ ورته و یایم سی زه نو دا مړي ځاڼګی څه کوم.

زه له ډیری خواشینئ آسمان ته وګورم. هغه له توره ګړځه ډک وی. او خال خال یوه یوه ځاڼګی روانه وی. سهیلونه ختم سوی وی. زه له ډیره غمه پُر مزکه را پریوزم او ناره کړم چی “خُدایه مرګ را وله ما بوزه”.

او بیا زه را ویښ سم.

Homemade Butter from Camel Milk

Making yogurt from camel milk is a challenge and so is the separation of butterfat. After a lengthy effort and trying different modules, ultimately we succeeded to make yogurt, separated butter, got whey (Shlombey, شلومبئ).

Whey made from camel milk

Shlombey is darling drink of the Pashtun Afghan people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also called as Pashtun’s wine. In subcontinent, it is called Lassi. It is made from the yogurt while separating the butterfat and adding water. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/215639450_Characterization_and_significance_of_Raigi_camel_a_livestock_breed_of_the_Pashtoon_pastoral_people_in_Afghanistan_and_Pakistan

Whey (Shlombey) made from camel milk

Soon, we will be able to have Qurooth (dried hard cheese) from Shlombey. This Qurooth is made with the method of Kararra (کراڑہ، کراړ‎ہ)۔

Butterfat made from camel milk

The methodology is still confidential. We made it at home after a longer efforts. We used traditional method to make it possible. Later, I shall share the methodology, once it is repeated many times with the same results.

I call this achievement as the camel milk revolution.