Berrela Camel of Cholistan

Berrela camel is another important camel breed of Cholistan. Actually Brela is the camel of long travelling camel breeders of the region. The originate their travel from Thal desert of Punjab and reach up to Cholistan desert. Berrela camel is good milk producing animal in Pakistan after Kharani camel. 

Barrela camel is mostly reared in the Lesser Cholistan and on the fringe irrigated areas of district Bahawalpur. The Barrela camels have heavy strong built and large body frame. The coat color varies from light sandy to dark brown with short coarse hair. Dark brown colored animals are preferred by local people. Barrela camels have muscular body with dome shaped head. The head is heavy, with a well-defined looking. The neck is medium sized with marked curve. Eyes are bImageright, round with alert look and are protruding. Nose is thick, lips pendulous and ears are rounded and coarse. Shoulders are strong, broad and well set to the chest. Hump is very well developed in males and is placed in the center of the back. The chest pad is well developed and its touching ground evenly shows good confirmation. Legs are strong, bony, stout and well separated so that legs do not rub while walking. Hind legs are slightly weaker than fore legs and are inward curved. The foot pads are medium sized and soft. The milk vein is straight and prominent. Milking capacity of female camel is around 10 liters, while well fed animals can produce up to 15-20 liters of milk daily.

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    Herds of Berrela camels are a bit smaller, with an average of 26 animals. The majority of the camels are female. Lactating females range from 23-27% of the herd but depend upon the status of the year (dry or wet). The colors range from blackish brown to light brown while the majority is deep brown, and sometimes white specimens are also found. Berrela is one of the massive Pakistani camel breeds, with a thick wide neck, wide chest, muscular legs and massive head. The hanging lip is one of the salient features. The Berrela camel is mainly raised for milk and male animals are sold for meat. The Berrela is one of the higher milk producing animals, producing up to 22 liters per day with a lactation length of 9 months. Berrela camels are milked very regularly twice a day. The docility of the breed is a special trait; a Berrela camel would allow stranger to milk it any time.

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