Khurasani Goat Breed

Habitat: The historic great Khurasan, Toba Kakari, Suleiman mountains region of Zhob and Sherani districts, Qillasaifullah, Loralai, Ziarat, Chaghai and Pishin districts are the main niche of the breed. The breed is equally raised by nomadic, semi-nomadic, agro pastoral tribes of Pashtoon people. The Baloch tribes of Chaghai-Kharan desert also raise this breed. The nomads with Khurasani breed move from Khurasan in autumn and may reach to Indus delta and some tribes reach to Chaghai-Kharan desert. The breed is trans-boundary.

Phenotypic characteristics: The phenotypic characteristics of Khurasani breed are black long hair coat, turned back horns and fine second hair coat in winter. The breed is predominantly black in colour with red face but some other colour is also found occasionally. The males have beard also.

Vegetation: Acacia modesta, Caragana ambigua, Bararr, Gurgulla, Sarwane, Showan, Wanna, Barrai, Ghalmi, Shorai, Lani, Azghai, Sassi, Ghaz, Korai, Sperbutai, Oma, Murgha, Tarkha and Zizyphus.

Population: The population of the goat is hard to predict, because of the wide scattered nature. It is estimated about 2.7 million. The trend is increasing.

Special traits

v  The animal of this breed is highly intelligent, making it safe

v  The Khurasani goat is loving to her soul and take care of herself, can find vegetation and water

v  Always lead other livestock towards water and vegetation

v  Close to wild ancestors and highly resistant to diseases

v  Can travel long

Hope options: Goat is more effective tool against drought.

Economic importance: The male animals are the major source of earning. The animal is smaller in size and cannot attain as higher prices as Kohe-Suleimani goat. Moreover it is good in milk production, and milk is use for by-products like ghee and Kurth. The goat also produce pashmina, but the importance of pashmina is not yet being realized. The hair is use for making ropes and tents.

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