Camel is important in climate change scenario

Camel is precious animal genetic resourece and highly adapted to dry, harsh and hostile environment of its habitat. Camel, while consuming scanty and rough vegetation produces valuable and health friendly milk. It produces in the conditions where other aniaml event cannot keep soul and body together. In the global change affects and climate change scenario, camel is the most suitable animal to be use as an agent of food security. Camel rely on the marginal lands which are unable to produce crops. Water is the major limiting fector of dry lands and camel is the most effecienct animal in water economy. Unfortunately camel is always neglected while formulating policies for agricultural development. Camel is under threat in its natural habitat. There are many reason for this sad state of situation, all are man made. It is the utmost need of time to conserve camel with the perspectives of camel herders. Utilizaiton is the best conservation. Camel milk can be a good tool for its utilization and ulitimately conservation. With the help of this move, camel can be declared as a good farm animal rather than a beast of burden.

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